Our Purpose

To foster understanding and collaboration among Anglicans and our ecumenical and multifaith brothers and sisters. 

Our Practice

  • Helping the Diocese in all its manifestations (committees, parishes, individuals, and as a whole) develop understanding of and relationships with other faith communities so we can pursue common goals of harmony, peace, justice, and the care of creation, and to pursue the same common goals with other Christian churches
  • Nurturing and sustaining relationships of mutual understanding, learning and open communication between people of all faiths
  • Forming partnerships and cooperative ventures among different Christian denominations, and people of diverse faiths and spiritual practices
  • Working towards social justice, environmental stewardship and reconciliation with the indigenous peoples of our country
  • Linking Anglican parishes within the Diocese of New Westminster to the many resources that exist locally, nationally and internationally that will assist them in building relationships with ecumenical partners and those of other faith traditions

Our Guiding Principles

  • Be guided by faith with open hearts and minds
  • Respect the dignity and humanity of all people